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The Ask Me Anything (AMA) session of the International Conference of Registered Blockchain Professional (ICORBP) with the Blockchain Nigerian User Group (BNUG) which held on Monday June 21 on the BNUG telegram platform reached a crescendo with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between both parties.

The brief ceremony took place on Thursday, June 24th and was streamed live on the facebook page of ICORBP. It had in attendance the top management staff of both organizations. For ICORBP, the Chief Executive Officer, Amando Boncales, RBP, PhDc, MSed, GCDE, MA, Director Business Development, Dr. Vince Vincente, Director Certification and Accreditation, Dr. Tammy Francis and Coordinator Business Development, Leah Yeager. The Chief Executive Officer of BNUG, Mr Chuta Chimezie, Community Lead, Adebayo Adelekan and Barinor Kue. Coin News Extra representative was there to cover the live event that was moderated by Dr Tammy.

The collaboration will see the BNUG members get a chance to be part of the first one thousand members to be Registered Blockchain Professionals for free by ICORBP. This will also open up vista of opportunities for Africans in general to be Registered Blockchain Professionals via the opportunities ICORBP presents.

After the ceremony, the CEO of BNUG, Mr Chuta Chimezie did not hide his excitement about the partnership when asked by the Coin News Extra correspondent about his thoughts on the organization, ICORBP. Mr. Chuta quipped:

“ICORBP is a standard organization. We did our due diligence to research the organization, the team and status as a certifying body. We were happy with what we found. Each of the representatives understand their onus. I am grateful we were able to engage with them at this level. “

The CEO of ICORBP, Amando Boncales expressed similar sentiments when asked about his views on the partnership. “I see this collaboration between ICORBP and BNUG to be a fruitful one. With their network, this will be very fruitful. We are building standards in the blockchain space. Community members in their network will primarily benefit in this service.”

“ In exchange, BNUG will give us the network and assistance in penetrating our goal and in spreading awareness and standardization of the blockchain profession. So this is a win-win between both parties . There are no losers, everybody is a winner”, he joyfully summised.

No doubt this pact is ladden with the potential to establishing the blockchain industry on the continent, crystallizing professionalism, while at the same time serving as a means to exposing charlatans and mediocres, which is usually the bane of blockchain practise in Africa and beyond.

We can indeed look to the future with hope that this part of the globe is ready for the opportunities that blockchain offers as far as the future of Registered Blockchain Professional practise is concerned.

Written by: Samuel Bright (M. A.)(A.B.F), Editor at the International Council of Blockchain Professional

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