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ICORBP Historical MOU Virtual Signing With Coin News Extra, CNE

This week is one of the important weeks for the International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals (ICORBP) , as the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the foremost Registered Blockchain council and Coin News Extra, CNE, a blockchain focused media house in Africa, would take place.

This landmark collaboration will contribute to the adoption and promotion of blockchain technology at a world stage. It will expound on the need to recognize professionals in the field by way of the media agenda setting functions and then explore the potentials of the technology in solving global systemic problems.

The opportunities that abound in the blockchain sphere can never be over emphasized.

Coin News Extra was established in 2019. The organization started as a cottage enterprise and has since grown while educating thousands of Africans on the concept of the blockchain.

As the first to blaze a trail in exclusive Blockchain reporting in Africa, it has established itself as a juggernaut.

International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals, ICORBP on the other hand has defined the importance of being not just a blockchain practitioner, but a registered blockchain professional. The difference is the former is not appropriately certified, but the latter is registered and certified to practice by a duly recognized institution. Being recognized by ICORBP doesn’t just give you an edge, it distinguishes you in the blockchain sphere as a registered professional. So when others are sitting, you are standing. While they are standing, you become outstanding, and when they become outstanding, you stand out!

Join the historic MOU signing virtually on Friday July 16th 2021, 9am CST and 3pm WAT respectively as it will be streamed on all ICORBP social media platforms.

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Samuel Bright (M.A) (A.B.F)

Editor at The International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals (ICORBP)




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