2 min readAug 6, 2021

No doubt, the blockchain industry is a growing juggernaut and rallying point for other fields of human endeavour in the 21st century . Its growth is hinged on being a pivotal reference to the 4th industrial revolution.

From Healthcare, finance, real estate, education, media and technology, the blockchain has its mark etched in the annals of these subsectors. According to Gartner, Blockchain was one of the most disruptive technologies in the year 2020. This has indeed increased the interest in blockchain in the last 9 months.

You may be asking, how do I then join this blossoming industry? Starting a career in the blockchain universe is one of the simple things of life because of the availability of information about the industry. The only factor that may limit one’s quest is inaccessibility to the internet, it is a global village afterall. The good thing is Irrespective of your present career, profession, skills or educational attainment, you can easily be absorbed into the industry. You can scale up quickly, you don’t have to be a programmer or developer. There is. space for everyone especially if you are passionate and committed to self improvement.

A. Start from where you are. There are no pressures regarding this. If you desire to know about the blockchain and probably have a career therein, your present educational qualifications notwithstanding. Note that cryptocurrency is just one of the many by-products of the blockchain. Having that basic. knowledge is the first step.

B. You may then want to enroll in a blockchain educational institution. I would readily recommend Althash university. It is free and offers a plethora of courses that will enrich your quest towards being self-sufficient in the blockchain industry. You can check out their website for the next cohort. https://www.althash.university

C. Lastly, get involved with the International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals (ICORBP). There are events organized by. this professional body that will give you the needed confidence to hold your own anywhere in the world. Join their social media platforms to get updated on events. Facebook, Medium , LinkedIn , Youtube , Twitter

There is no established formula on how to be an expert in the blockchain space, but what I have expressed above is the ABC. This foundation is what is required to build that dream career you crave for in the blockchain industry.

Samuel Bright (M.A) (A.B.F)

Associate Editor, International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals (ICORBP)


International Council of Registered Blockchain Professionals